Cracking Cryptids and Curios


Season 4 Episode 6 - Ningen



What did Japanese whalers uncover!? A mysterious gargantuan humanoid that lives in the oceans? Its nearly 100 feet in length? My-golly-Ms.-Molly we got ourselves our first aquatic cryptid on the show. How will it rank against the plethora of others than have been run through the Rubric of Power?

Angel concludes the King of the Monster Movies Tournament and crowns the must watch movie this (and any) Halloween season. Will it be the one you were hoping for!?



Season 4 Episode 5 - Loveland Frogman


A man-frog with a wand!? A frog humanoid!? From the 1950s to current day the Frogman has been a presence in this world. Splice in the story of two police officers encountering a reptilian-like entity and you have a yourself a recipe for fun! Angel also finds himself neck-deep in the King of the Monster Movie Tournament, a single round elimination tournament where he decides the best movie to watch around Halloween. Will your favorite win!?






Season 4 Episode 4 - Man Eating Trees



Trees can eat us!? Join Matt and Angel in a journey to Madagascar to metaphorically chop down the Man Eating Tree. With possibly the most scientifically detailed description we have seen, the Man Eating Tree has roots that run deep in lore. This story is rife with a state governor, newspapers, and soporific tree goo. And Angel reveals a new TikTok trend.


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Season 4 Episode 3 - Dingonek



The late 1800s proved time and time again that if there is something unexplained, the most logical explanation is a dinosaur. Join us as we travel to Africa in search of the Dingonek! What's a dingonek? Imagine a 15 foot long beast with the head of a dog, ears like a puff adder, claws, stocky legs, scale-like skin, and teeth like a walrus! See - that's a dingonek! This episode also features the internet being controlled by an A.I., expensive doors, and a local band trying to find a lost library book. Whew - that's a lot! 

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Season 4 Episode 2 - Fresno Nightcrawler



Home security systems sometimes record things that can chill you to the bone. This probably isn't one of those times. In the late 2010s a homeowner is alerted by neighborhood dogs of some sort of presence. What is recorded is now known as the Nightcrawler. What were these entities doing in this man's yard? Are they real? Are they kids in capes? Is it simply a hoax? Join us in this investigation of the Fresno Nightcrawler!


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Season 4 Episode 1 - Merlin


Legend says one day someone will pull a podcast out of stone. Whoever does so will be crowned king of the podcasts. We didn't do that, but here is the start of Season 4! Join us as we investigate the greatest wizard of all time - Merlin. Was Merlin a real man in history, or just a literary figure? We've ranked Baba Yaga and Santa Claus, how will Merlin rank against those legendary figures? Find out!


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Season 3 Bonus Episode: All season 3 intros and discussion



Join us in this bonus episode for a compilation of all the Season 3 intros. The entire Season 3 story back to back! Also included is a discussion of the process and all the Easter Eggs Angel hid in the openings. Can you guess them all!?


Season 3 Episode 12 - Slenderman


In 2009 the world was introduced to Slenderman. Part Slender, part Man. Join us in the Season 3 Finale as we discuss the origins of Slenderman and the wide array of powers attributed to the entity. At what point does a creature thread the needle between being mysterious and outright comical? 


News Article 1: Naked woman or alien?


News Article 2: Cursed Jars


Season 3 Episode 11 - Champawat Maneater


How much man could a maneater eat if a maneater could eat man? Apparently the Champawat Maneater could eat over 400 peoples worth. Join us as we investigate a tiger that asked "Did I bite off more than I can chew?" The answer is no. The tiger did not.


News story 1: Alien NFT


News story 2: Hello Officer, I'd like to report a ghost



Season 3 Episode 10 - The Lost Colony


We actually travel back into time to the late 1500s to explore this bonkers expedition into North America. Is it possible to bumble absolutely every aspect of trying to establish a new colony? Well... the English did! Join us as we explore this fascinating tale of how a watercolor enthusiast turned Governor loses nearly 120 people.  William Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, and a variety of other characters all appear in this absolute chaotic journey. 


News story 1: Chicken Brains can make your semi-immortal


News story 2: The Not-Nessie Bounty




Season 3 Episode 9 - Hopkinsville Goblins



Picture this: the year is 1955. You walk outside to go to the well to get some water, but not just any water, it is possibly the best well water in existence, and you see a flying saucer. You return to the house to tell everyone and they don't believe you. Fast-forward an hour and the house is under siege by aliens! 200 rounds of ammunition later you have defended your home. This is the story of the Hopkinsville Goblins! Join us as we investigate this incredible story and explore the possible theories of what occurred that night. 


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Season 3 Episode 8 - New England Vampire Panic



The life is being consumed out of people in New England. What diabolical force has the power to siphon the life from the living and transfer it to the dead? For many it was the idea that some undead force was bringing them to an early grave. In an effort to put an end to this insidious plot, families began to dig up the bodies of loved ones to cut out their hearts and livers to then burn them and consume the ashes. Did it work? Join us to find out as we investigate the New England Vampire Panic! 


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Season 3 Episode 7 - Snallygaster


It can fly. It can fight. But, can it crow!? Yeah... probably. It has octopus tentacles, claws, a beak, hide impervious to bullets, a tail like a dragon, and sometimes it breathes fire. Join us as we investigate the Snallygaster, an entity the newspapers of Maryland, Ohio, and West Virginia ran wild with in the early 1900s. This wild ride leads us to Civil War battles, an imprisoned owl, and 2500 gallons of moonshine. Need we say more?


News 1 - Hasan Bar Bar on the case.

News 2 - The greatest story ever written


Season 3 Episode 6 - Hinterkaifek Murders



It happens to everyone. Voices in the attic accompanied by footsteps but upon investigation no one is there. Strange newspapers no one remembers bringing home. Mysterious foot prints in the snow that lead to your house that shows no sign of the person leaving. Love triangles. And an entire family murdered while the killer stayed in the house for several days eating food and doing chores. Oh - and over 100 suspects. Join us as we investigate one of the strangest events of all time - the Hinterkaifek murders. 


Season 3 Episode 5 - Van Meter Visitor


In the early 1900's the town of Van Meter, Iowa was a destination vacation for the... Visitor! This half-man, half beast with bat wings skulked around town for several nights which culminated in a hail of bullets. Bank windows shot out, mine entrances bricked up, and a creature emanating light from it's horn. Was this an elaborate crime scheme? Other worldly visitor? Or something more!? Join us in this investigation of the Van Meter Visitor.


News 1: A new cursed item enters the world?


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